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Investment Accountant

I didn't think that coaching would help me, but my wife Janice forced me into it. The life coaching did work for me even though I was reluctant at first because I had to talk about my issues with a total stranger. I enjoyed working with Lloyd and how he made me dig deep into my thoughts to see how dysfunctional my mind works. I am now able to prioritize and balance work and family.


Project Manager-Trainer

Working with Lloyd has completely done a 360 of my life. I had to try something or I would be in the same rut. So I signed up in hopes of getting things back on track. I was tired of working in the corporate world and wanted to have my own business. I knew what I had to do, but was not able to forge through and do things that would bring me closer to my dreams. I have played it safe my entire life. I have taken many risks and failed repeatedly all the time. With Lloyd's guidance and talking me through what was blocking me to move forward I was able to start my business venture. I can't tell how much I owe Lloyd.  He has pushed me further than I ever could imagine and has opened my eyes and mind to so many opportunities. 


Retired U.S. Air Force

Over the years I had struggled with finding my purpose after retiring from the military.  I didn't know what I was supposed to do, a friend referred me to Lloyd. He helped me with goal setting, what I enjoyed the most, taking advantage of opportunities that come up, and just being at ease with myself.


Career Coach

Lloyd has helped me to push myself in my career coaching business, he challenged me to get out the best of ME to reach my goals. It's been a long way coming and thank you for your great service.


Business Analyst Engine

Thank you for helping me figure out how to handle expectations and build better relationships with my co-workers. The session exercises helped me better understand how people think and act when in a stressful situation.

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