Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a Life Coach?

- Know down deep that your success is the root of my commitment to you. - Understand that your growth journey will take you to new heights, which right now are only imagined. - Demonstrate that you can, will, do and have the very life you will work hard and be coached on to obtain. - Be aware of the destructive words you say to yourself and negativity you experience. Soon these will quickly disappear by dedicating yourself to a new, believable process. - I will guide, challenge, support, inspire, encourage and assist you in becoming the vision of change you would like to be.

How can Life Coach help me in building Confidence?

Strategic Life Coaching will help you learn the effective art of assertiveness! Becoming assertive will show you how to: - Stand up for yourself - Be treated better by other people - Have a more balanced life - Eliminate stressful situations in your life - "Rise above your raising" - Prevent being emotionally cut off at your knees by other people - Challenge yourself for individual growth - Positively engage others to negotiate, influence, and truly hear their concerns so you can respond appropriately - Ask for what you really want - Find true happiness and peace - Reclaim your personal power to enhance self-esteem and self-worth in yourself, your family, and your friends

How Does Life Coaching Differ from Therapy?

Although life coaching and therapy can complement each other, life coaching is not therapy. Through coaching, you develop strategic actions to help you move forward. Coaching does not attempt to explain behaviors, delve into your past, or identify pathology. A life coach will simply focus mostly on looking toward your future, rather dealing with your past. If you come to a life coach and have not started at least to deal or resolved issues of your past, most likely the life coach with referring you to a therapist or recommend that you look into this issue more. Another key difference between therapists and life coaches is a therapist is more focused on the certain problem you are dealing with and what got you there. They are there to help solve a problem or work through an issue. The life coach is going to focus on solutions that get you from point A to point B. You should sign up for a life coach if you want to figure out how to get where you want in your life. Although, as coaches, we will deal with problems along the way, the focus of the coaching session will be on finding new ways of acting and thinking that will help you reach your goals. Life coaches are not consultants or best friend. Although life coaches are someone you consult about strategies and goal setting, we are life specialist not a specific specialist like a business consultant, athletic trainer. Life coaches may also seem like a friend at times because they are encouraging, inspiring and fully invested in helping you reach your goals, but this does not make them a friend nor does it replace the importance of having friends. Your life coach may be demanding and hard on you sometimes because it is a goal focused relationship and when you succeed, they succeed.

Who Does Life Coaching?

My clients need coaching to simply look to changing something in their lives, business, work, environment etc. and they need help, and nudging along the way. I will help guide you in creating a roadmap. If you desire growth in your personal and professional lives, and you want this growth to be faster and easier. So people who hire a Life Coach are people that want the following: -To be confident -Stop procrastinating -Improve their work, life and family balance -To find happiness -To Change their thoughts -Achieve their goals and be successful -Identify their life purpose -Decide to change careers -Stuck and unable to move forward

What's Involved in Life Coaching?

-So before we can begin with a roadmap/plan, you first need to assess where you are at, and ready to take a leap of faith to move forward in the journey of being coached. -You will help me understand where you are at, clarify situations that keep you up at night, and what you hope to gain in coaching. -I will provide a complimentary 30-minute session to discuss your coaching needs, answer any questions on coaching, for us to get to know one another and see if it will be a good fit for a coaching partnership/relationship. -Next steps will be your start of a regular session (pay per session or package program). Sessions are usually by phone appointment -Clients will contact the Coach or dial into a conference number -Clients may schedule 3 or 4 sessions per monthIy accept any email communications in between sessions. -ALL sessions and client information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

Is Life Coaching mentoring, counseling, therapy or consulting?

-Coaching focuses on the present and the future. If a client starts discussing his/her past, the coaching normally will course back to coaching techniques. -Life coaches are not experts. Though some maybe experts in certain areas as it relates to business, industry domain, spiritual, or personal matter. InfinityBold does provide mentoring and consulting if needed. -Life coaches believe that everyone has their own answers within themselves, it’s a matter of how to listen to it, question it, then take action on it. Life coaches will ask powerful questions that will help bring out and realize your answers.

Can Life Coaching hurt me?

NO. you have the ultimate responsibility for his/her answers and actions. Unless you on being mentoring, Life coaches do not tell you what to do or give advice but rather guide to positive directions to achieve your goals. Life coaching methods are client-driven.

What is your Style of Coaching and how long does coaching take?

My goal to you is to create a safe and respectful environment which we will feel both supported and challenged as we work towards your goal. I’ve been told that it’s very easy to talk and share ideas with me. I’m here to celebrate your success and support your goals. We will stumble together, learn together, and laugh together as we create your road to success. As your coach, it is my intention to create a safe and respectful environment in which you supported and challenged as they work towards their goals. There are no long-term commitments. We both can end sessions if you feel you are not getting the value out of every session. It is recommended that you commit yourself and at least three months of coaching in order to see significant changes. Everyone is different, some coachee will see a significant change immediately in the third session. There are some that will see changes in their lives after 3 months and continue to come back for more sessions. I’ve had clients where it was very difficult to move forward and was not 100% committed. I’ve had some clients that have had multiple coaches at the same time, which caused confusion and stagnated their progress. I will at times push you out of your comfort zones but not beyond your limits. I will respect your boundaries.

If I am already successful, why do I need a Life coach?

Life coaching is for everyone. You might be successful in what you do and living the life you want. You may not feel happy or unfulfilled. You may feel there is a gap. Life coaching helps you to live your best life and to promote positive change moving forward. No one is perfect

Is Life Coaching confidential?

YES. Any coaching performed by InfinityBold is 100% confidential. I value and take your privacy seriously. InfinityBold coaches follow a code of ethics.

How long will I need to be coached? Is there a time limit?

It varies from client to client. Some people are simply interested in one to two sessions looking for a quick fix to be pointed in the right direction. Some people look for guidance when in a full transformation period like changing jobs, divorce, marriage, financial debt, relationships. This may take 4-12 sessions, sometimes more. Life Coaching is not meant to be long-term. Coaching is meant to help you build an action plan for you to work independently in at least 6-8 months.