advisors for emerging project managers

We all know it's the roles and responsibility of project managers, scrum masters, product owners, program managers to oversee many small to enterprise project initiatives, and maintaining project schedules, budget, resources of their teams without the proper tools, strategies and coaching. 


Many of your project managers you've hired are skilled and motivated. But what happens when they are given the responsibility of managing small to large teams, from diverse cultural backgrounds in different locations or countries. Each having a differing level of skills and experience, competing priorities from management, and perhaps even agendas from senior management that conflict. 


How are your project managers to understand and motivate their teams, peers to perform at a higher level and meet your project objectives? Without proper understanding of their teams.  Many project managers, scrum masters, program managers, product owners etc. rely on their own experience and beliefs about what it means to lead a team.  The first 3 months of being on the job, your project managers, scrum masters, program mangers ,product owners etc. aren't proper onboarded to for these challenges. 


AdvisoryQ will give your project managers, scrum masters, product owner, program managers, the tools they need to be successful, to make the best decisions, to know the different ways of metrics and measurements (KPI's), to help them understand an build their teams to be high performing teams. 


AdvisoryQ is your sounding board, and coaching team and we are here to serve you to sustain success.