Agile Assessment Services

We will work with you and evaluate your teams’ effectiveness with existing Agile processes, best practices and standards, that together we will agree upon at the start of the assessments. These elements will form the core of our assessment, and the findings and recommendations in our deliverables. Some possible assessment elements will consist of: ​

  • Existing Team organization and Structure

  • Existing Value Stream and Program Stream Assessments

  • Existing Themes, Epics, Features, Stories and Tasks

  • Existing Agile Workflow being used by the Team

  • Existing Scrum Ceremonies or if you are using a hybrid approach

  • Existing Sprint Demo’s, Planning/Grooming, Retrospectives, Scrum of Scrums

  • Existing Measurements and Metrics

  • Existing Definition of Done Understanding

Our assessments are a collaborative effort with your team and management. We will attending your agile team ceremonies and fully observe your team members, and the team as a whole. We'll also work with individual team members and their roles.  After our assessment, we will deliver to you a written assessment and impact recommendation for your process improvements. 

We use a variety of assessment tools such as the Agile Journey Index developed by Bill Krebs.  


  • How well are the teams working remotely?

  • Are your teams new to remote or were already using remote operations?

  • Are they performing all ceremonies when remote and distributed

  • How are PO interacting with teams in this virtual situations (how do they share their business case details)

  • How are team performing their demos (especially with product/software  executions, UX display, Usability aspects)

  • Is the interactions between individuals at the  same level as before?



  • Our Team will attend team meetings and Scrum ceremonies 

  • We will conduct interviews and gather information from Team members and management.

  • We will provide comprehensive document findings on current state and gaps 

  • We will work with you to Prepare strategic and tactical recommendations 

  • Present findings based on support of the 12 Agile principles and 4 Agile values 

  • Identify and discuss possibility of using scaled Agile 


  • Current state documentation

  • Looking for anti-patterns and trends (positive & negative) 

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Maturity score (1-5) for each assessment vector 

  • People, process, & tools recommendations 

  • Key performance indicators & metrics (KPI’s) for improvement and recommendation implementation 




  • If our recommendations are followed and goes well, you should start seeing one or more of these reaffirming behaviors occur: ​ 

  • Your Entire teams will begin to think in terms of incremental delivery releases​ 

  • Communication flow with stakeholders, 3rd parties, and teams will improve​ 

  • The Speed and quality of release deliverables will increases​ 

  • Team planning and estimates will become more accurate​ 

  • You will notice better collaboration among teams, stakeholders, client, and management will improve​ 

  • You will notice that more of your process activities and development activities will be automated or lean.  

  • Your Team will have a mindset of Continuous improvement at every given Agile Gates.​ 

  • Your Team and everyone in the organization will have a sense of empowerment, freedom and acceptance to change - not only the software itself, but the process, and even people’s attitudes.​ 

  • Your team will always have a potentially shippable product at the end of every sprint.

  • Tight-knit, focused teams with strong technical skills keep costs low. 

  • Increasing transparencies with all stakeholders, teams, and management.

  • Focus on quality to avoid rework and disappointments from the customer. 

  • Keep your software simple and your options open (wary of technical debt )​ 

  • Your Return on Investments will be realized.

  • Team comraderies and working together will be noticeable.

  • Better measurements and metrics, and predictability.

  • Everyone in the organization will learn how to adapt to changes and changing priorities.

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